Best Bait For Beaver Trapping

Picking the best lure for beaver depends on if you are setting open water traps or under ice sets. Read on for the best bait for beavers no matter where you are setting your traps.

Beaver Lure For Open Water

One of the best beaver baits for beaver is a classic that never lets me down. Use two ounces of pure beaver castor paste.

You can purchase beaver castor paste or grind your own from dried castors.

Next add in a half ounce of mineral oil or glycerin. Not everyone does this last step, but I learned from some old timers to add in five drops of birch oil at the end.

Under Ice Beaver Trap Bait

Scented baits won’t do you any good when trapping under ice. That means you need something with some serious eye appeal.

Take four or five green, peeled willow or maple saplings. Make sure they are about an inch in diameter and you have all you need for a super effective under ice beaver bait.


I like to keep it simple and cost effective when baiting for beavers. You don’t need to spend a dime if you have your own beaver castors and even if you don’t, store bought won’t set you back much.

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