Biggest Morel Mushroom Ever Found

morels in woods

Every year I dream of finding the biggest morel mushrooms ever found, these mushrooms are my obsession. As a hunter for the elusive morel mushroom I go on many hunts every year to find it but up until now I have never found one of the big ones.

If you are like me, it’s still fun to collect the smaller morels and think about how much bigger they could have been. I’m not sure why it is but for some reason we are all drawn to the biggest of everything. For instance, just look at a monster truck event, do we really need a car to drag a tree with? Maybe, but it sure is fun to watch.

Big Morel Mushrooms

The morel mushroom has a few characteristics that make it unique from other forest mushrooms. The biggest morel mushrooms have been found around the world from Asia to North America. They are a spring mushroom and can be found in many areas that hold maple, ash, and elm trees. There are also several types of morels depending on the location. In North America you will find two types, black morels and yellow or gray morels. Although there are many different types of morel mushrooms in North America, the biggest and most sought after is the black morel.

Although I have never in my life found the biggest morel mushrooms ever found, I do know how to find them. Black morels are very secretive and can only be found if you know where they like to live. The best time of the year to find the most black morels is in April and May here in the Southwest. You might think that you can just go out into the woods any day of the year and find some but it doesn’t work that way. These mushrooms are very picky and will only grow where the conditions are just right.

Where Are The Biggest Morel Mushrooms Found?

The biggest morel mushrooms ever found grow along the base of old dead trees, usually elm or maple. The trees need to be about 40 to 60 years old and they should show signs of rot, heavy insect activity, or disease. If you look around on the ground you should find some whitish mycelium growing from the base of the tree. You will want to collect the bark from this area and put it in a bag. The exact area that you collect the bark from will vary from tree to tree but normally if you walk about 20 feet away from the base of the tree you should start finding morels.

What is the biggest morel ever found?

This is a long shot but as with any long shot, if you don’t take it, you don’t get one. The biggest morel mushroom ever found was found in Kent County, Ohio. It was a beekeeper who found it and he was checking his bees to see how they were doing because they were very busy this year. He found the largest morel ever and called the local news as he could not believe that it was real. The story got picked up by the news because it was real.

How Big Was It?

The mushroom found in Kent County, Ohio weighed 1.2 pounds and was 10.5 inches long; it was also very thick. The mushroom was bigger than a softball and definitely had me wishing I could have been there to see it.


This is why I know that there are still some big ones out there and I will continue looking for them…

Written by Fred

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