Camillus Cutlery Company: History

Camillus pocketknife advertisement

New York based Adolph Kastor was already a successful knife wholesaler and importer when he bought a small Camillus, New York knife making firm in 1902.

Kastor began producing private label knives for numerous US companies including Sears Roebuck, Kwik Kut, Dunlop, Sta-Sharp, Kresge (K-Mart), and F.W. Woolworth (Kent).

Old Camillus pocketknife brochure and price list

Kastor was an adept salesman and soon lead Camillus to it’s place as the largest private label knife producer in the world.

Camillus also cornered the market on advertising knives and produced a very successful line of character and novelty style knives. Some of the most collected advertising examples are of Coca Cola and Anheuser Busch.

Camillus also teamed up to produce reissue Remington knives including their highly popular wildlife series.

Camillus No. 1010 Knife Advertisement

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