Cattaraugus Cutlery Company: Iconic Knifemaker History

The birth of Cattaraugus’ storied history was when J.B.F Champlin & Sons was founded in Little Valley New York. The business began by importing German cutlery for wholesale in America.

In 1886 the business was renamed to Cattaraugus after the county in which it was located. Soon after the name change they began producing pocketknives in addition to their wholesale work.

They also began producing straight razors, scissors and in 1925, hunting knives.

Cattaraugus teamed up with W.R. Case Knives for the production of their hunting knives. These hunting knives, produced in Little Valley, are highly collectable.

One of the turning points for Cattaraugus was the production of the WWII 2250 Commando Knife, air crew survival folding machete and the TL-29 electricians knife.

They came up with the innovative liner lock mechanism at this time.

Cattaraugus was so well regarded that Admiral Byrd used their knives on his famous treks to the Antarctic.

Cattaraugus closed it’s doors for good in 1963.

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