Gerber A-400: Classic Knife Review

Gerber A 400 knife and sheath

The rare Gerber A-400 feels solid in the hand. It is well loved as a collectors piece and as a working knife. This knife has few shortcomings and performs very well. It offers a simple but durable design ideal for a working knife.

It offers a relatively straight blade with a drop point. The blade is a bit thin and offers some whip to it. But the tool steel blade provides an excellent edge. The blade is also easy to sharpen but will likely go years without needing more than a stropping.

It performs very well as a skinning knife and this is where the thinner blade shines. A sharpened A-400 will allow you to skin hundreds of animals without any noticeable degradation to the blade.

It offers a solid grip with a black vinyl “Armorhide” handle and originally came with a durable high ride deep pouch. The handle came in a few color options including camouflage. The sheath was brown leather.

The Gerber A-400 was a very popular knife for fur trappers and veterinarians when first introduced. It made quick work of high volume skinning and even autopsies. The thin, sharp blade is ideal for cutting through thick pelvis joints. Something not all skinning knives from this period could replicate. The A-400 was a solid knife meant to be used for work.


With a long lasting edge and thin blade profile the Gerber A-400 is an ideal skinning knife. It was originally a middle priced working knife that has held a strong value with today’s collectors. When found in good condition this knife can still perform as an awesome working knife and is particularly suited for skinning. Secondary market prices for this knife fluctuate a lot but if you see one in solid condition I would not hesitate to pick it up.

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