How To Field Dress A Squirrel: Quick And Easy Skinning

My brother and I have field dressed many squirrels for dinner over the years and found you can get a squirrel ready for cooking quick even in the field.

Field Dressing Squirrels

Start out by making a cut at the base of the squirrel’s tail. The cut should be just above the vent.

Make sure the cut goes through the tailbone without going all the way through the hide of the top of the tail.

Next grab ahold of the squirrel’s hind feet with one in each hand. Put your foot firmly down on the tail and pull up.

With most squirrels the hide will slip off with not too much effort. If you have a particularly old or tough hided squirrel the hide might not slide all the way up to the head on it’s own.

If it is not coming off you will need to make another cut from from the tail outward and over the hips of the squirrel. Now pull up again.

Now you should just have to pull the hide off the squirrel’s flanks, feet and head.

First cut off the head and feet. Now make a cut from the vent to the neck.

Pull out the entrails and you are all set.

Now the squirrel meat is ready to be cooled in salty water.


After a few times field dressing squirrels will take you just a few minutes each. Always be sure you are using a sharp knife. A skinning knife is great but I use my old Buck 110 most of the time. Be sure to clean up after you’re done if you are out in the field.

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