How To Jump Shoot Ducks

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When I started hunting waterfowl jump shooting was all I did. I was shooting all sorts of game birds and waterfowl as well. As time went on I started hunting more and more outdoor adventures. Today I’ve hunted elk, moose, bear, mountain lion, lions etc. But the time I spent jump shooting is still a huge part of my hunting experience.

With all this hunting experience I have learned one thing, and that is jump shooting. But I could never quite identify why it works, or when it will work, or even how to teach someone to jump shoot. So I decided to take what I know about jump shooting and write a guide on how to jump shoot ducks.

Jump shooting my duck hunting method is not complicated. The more complex and difficult it is the more likely you will fail.

Ideally, for duck hunting, you should spot a group of ducks from a distance and plan a route to get as close to where they’re sitting. The closer you are to ducks the easier it is to jump shoot. This is where the art of jumping comes into play.

To jump shoot a duck you need to use speed and elevation change in order to get into a good shooting position. In the beginning, it’s easy to assume that if you’re in a good shooting position, you will hit your target. This is not true at all.

Duck hunting is all about learning what ducks will do. If you get too close to ducks they’ll start flying away leaving you without a shot. And if you’re too far away, and they’re in a good shooting position, then they’ll be very difficult to hit.

This is where the art of jumping comes into play. In order to jump shoot duck hunting requires knowledge and patience. It also requires practice and practice with a variety of targets including ducks moving and sitting in the same area.

After a week or two of dedicated hunting you will get a feel for what ducks will do. You will understand where they will fly off to, and where they will sit at which times. This knowledge can be used to jump shoot all types of ducks.

So, let’s start this hunt and make a few statements that I think everyone should know before beginning. I’ll also give you some extra ideas that have worked very well for me in the past.

1) It’s important to know your target animal. This may seem obvious, but not everyone understands what I mean.

For instance, if we’re talking about shooting a duck flying away from you, then you should know that its going to fly off at a 45 degree angle. You need to be able to anticipate this flight pattern before hand in order to hit the duck.

2) The second important statement is knowing your environment. Some people don’t understand what I mean when I say this.

If you are hunting waterfowl in a marsh then you need to know the shape and character of the pond. It’s not enough to simply assume that ducks will fly off some way. You need to understand where your prey will fly off too.

3) Where do I hunt? Is there a good habitat or meadow area near me?

I think this is important if you want to jump shoot ducks. It’s very difficult and time consuming jumping into a swampy area with no target for you duck hunting adventure. If you want to ensure success it’s best to plan a jump shooting adventure near a good habitat or water source.

4) What does the weather look like, will it change? Do I have a better chance of getting close to ducks in the rain or on dry land?

This is something you’ll have to think about before duck hunting. Water fowl hunters spend more time watching the weather forecast than they do actual duck hunting. It’s important that you get the right stuff when it comes to the weather.

5) What do ducks like to do? Will they sit still or fly away, and fly off in a certain direction? How far away will they fly off too?

These questions are important when you’re planning a jump shoot duck hunting trip. If you’re trying to hunt moving ducks then you need to know where they’ll go. It’s also important to know where they’ll sit at as well. This will determine your route for duck hunting.


In conclusion, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to jump shoot ducks. You don’t need to be a duck expert either. You just need to pay attention and understand what ducks will do. It’s important that you have some understanding of the biology of ducks before jumping out there in the hunt. It will also give you confidence before going into the field and hunting ducks.

Written by Fred

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