How To Make Fox Trapping Scent: Bait And Lures

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As I popped my wad of wool into the hole to set my fox trap, the young trapper tagging along asked me where I bought my fox lure from. I laughed and told him I hadn’t bought fox scent in years. He looked puzzled but interested.

After asking me why I’d go to all the trouble making my own I told him to just wait and see the harvest by the end of the season.

Making Your Own Fox Bait And Lure

So you already know how to trap fox and have your area scouted. Next you need to get your bait and lure ready. But before you go order another bottle online, let me show you how easy is to make your own. If that isn’t enough motivation for you, well I can honestly say that I have trapped more fox on homemade scents than on those I’ve bought.

Fox Bait

The best bait for fox I’ve found to be woodchuck, muskrat, and mule. Some old timers swear by horse but can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to try that out.

Bait that is overly decomposed isn’t going to do you any good, but fresh bait won’t give off enough odor to attract any fox.

So the best way to make your bait call those fox in is to decompose it for about a week in a manure pile. It may sound a little funny but this will make your bait irresistible to any local fox roaming your trapping territory.

Chunk up your bait before tainting it in the manure pile. If left in big pieces it won’t decompose at the rate necessary.

If you do not have a manure pile, or it’s winter, use a jar left out at room temperature for a week and the effects are almost as good.

If it’s summer and you live in a hot climate only taint in a jar for a few days

Some other good bait options include beaver, porcupine, chicken, rodents, fish, and even fox.

Fox Lure

While I will make a lot of sets without bait, I never set a fox trap without some of my homemade lure. It is without a doubt one of the most important factors in fox trapping success.

There are a number of ways to make homemade trapping scents but this right here is my main fox gland recipe.

When preparing your scent you must be cautious not to contaminate it with any unwanted odors. That means from the time you gather your ingredients until it’s bottled.

Use a clean jar for making your scent. Gather up all the organs of a female fox. Be sure to get the glands from the base of the fox’s tale, their hock glands, ear glands, the liver and part of the gall bladder. Then get the shoulder glands as well as those of the front paw pads. You will also use about a quarter of the brain and a bit of the intestines.

Place all the organs in the jar and pour fox urine until covering the ingredients.

Screw the lid on and place outside in the sun. Leave it in the sun for around two months. The contents of your jar will be rotting by the end. At this point take the contents and run it through a grinder with just a couple drops of skunk scent.

Now add in a bit of wolf urine and some decomposed coyote parts. Put about an ounce of glycerine in the jar to preserve it.

And that’s all it takes to make an amazing fox lure better than any you’ll buy off the shelf.


This lure recipe will age well. It takes on an even stronger aroma in time and it’s effectiveness improves along with it. Make some up each season and soon enough you’ll have a lifetime supply of fox lure that will leave your friends wondering how you got so good at fox trapping.

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