How To Stalk Turkey (Take More Turkey This Season)

wild turkeys in winter woods

Are you heading out turkey hunting this year? If you are, then stalking turkey is something that you are going to need to know how to do well. This article will cover the basics of stalking turkey as well as some advanced techniques.

First things first: You’re never going to find a live turkey by just sitting in one spot and waiting for it to come out and greet you. This is because turkey are very good at seeing danger and avoiding it. You need to stalk slowly, quietly, looking for places that they might be going and holes they might be hiding in.

Basics of Stalking Turkeys

It’s not a great idea to sit down by the turkey’s home or roosting place. If you do this, the bird will instantly know something’s up because it will see you sitting there and leave its roosting spot. We’ll talk about moving on to different places and how to do that a little later.

Now that you know not to just sit and wait for the bird, it’s time to actually learn how to stalk. Here are a few tips for doing so:

-First of all, make sure your gun is loaded and ready (and pointed in a safe direction at all times). You have no idea when the turkey will come out or if it will leave its roosting spot early so you want to be ready for anything.

-It’s not a great idea to move around too much while trying to stalk up on the turkey, although you may have to do this if the bird comes out early. Try not to make sudden movements that could scare off the turkey or make it run away from you.

-Don’t just sit in one spot to stalk the bird, and move at a slow pace. This way, the turkey won’t realize that you’re on his trail until it’s too late.. If you move too quickly, then the bird will know you’re coming and it may not be down in that spot long enough for you to get a shot.

-When it’s time to take a shot and kill a turkey, don’t shoot it in the air. This is called “drunken shooting” and it’s a big no-no for reasons we’ll talk about later.

-Once you’ve gotten close enough to attempt to take a shot, stop and take a few steps back so that you can see the bird well. This way, you won’t miss or make any major mistakes when trying to shoot your turkey.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the advanced techniques that can help you get a shot, kill your turkey, and get safely back to camp with a prized trophy.

Advanced Stalking Techniques

If you’re ready to up your stalking game and become a master of the art, then these tactics and strategies are for you. We’ve already talked about the basic ideas behind how to stalk a turkey, but now it’s time to learn how to do so even better. Let’s explore the following tactics:

  1. The “Testing The Water” Technique

This is a great way to keep your turkey in the same place and it’s something that you might want to try if you’re not getting much luck once you enter the season. This strategy is based on the idea that turkey don’t like leaving their roosting spot. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always check out their roosting spot for signs of turkey first before moving on to another place in hopes of getting lucky there.

Think of it like stepping in a puddle: you don’t want to step into that water until you know how deep it is. With this maneuver, you’re doing the same thing – making sure that your step (in this case, somewhere new) isn’t too deep, or else you might end up going “under” and have to start all over.

  1. Stop And Move

This technique is great for keeping your turkey calm and almost too comfortable with your presence. This way, you can get really close and kill it easily without worrying about it running away or getting spooked. You will probably only want to use this if you’re an advanced hunter because of its complexity. Here’s how it works:

You walk towards the turkey slowly until you’re pretty much right on top of him. Stop for a few seconds and be completely still. Then, wait for the bird to move before you do so too. Sometimes you can even make the bird move by blowing on some grass or rustling something in the trees above. This way, you’re able to keep your turkey in place while also letting it get comfortable enough with your presence for you to easily shoot it.

This technique is great because it can give you more time with your bird and a better shot at killing it without scaring it off completely.


If you follow the tips above, then you’re sure to be a successful turkey hunter. The best tips are make sure that you have great stalking skills and also know when to use the advanced techniques that will help get you closer to your turkey. If you follow these strategies, then you’ll surely be able to get safely back to camp with your prized turkey.

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