How To Trap A Woodchuck: Simple And Effective

Trapping a woodchuck is easy enough for even an inexperienced trapper to do with the right setup. Back when I was a teenager my grandmother called me over to trap a nuisance woodchuck that was digging up her decorative fence line. But had no idea how to go about it.

I had never trapped a woodchuck before so I asked my uncle how to setup the trap. His advice worked like a charm and I’ve since trapped a number of woodchucks using this exact technique. If you do the same setup you will have your woodchuck trapped safely and quickly.

Easy Setup For Trapping A Woodchuck

The best trap style for woodchucks is a double door cage. A box trap is not ideal if there is a lot of food around for the woodchuck. One of the most popular versions to use is the Havahart No 3.

Take your double door cage trap and place it at the den entrance. Put the opening of the trap as close to the entrance of the woodchuck hole as you can without the doors being obstructed from closing.

Once in place, put a heavy rock or another weighted object at the outside edge of both doors. (Put the weights in place after the trap is set)

These weights will allow the doors to close more quickly making it less likely for the woodchuck to get away from the trap.

The trap should be as level as possible as well. An uneven trap may not spring correctly. If the ground near the opening is very uneven then driving metal stakes at the edges can allow you to prop it level.

Next you will place a blanket over the trap so that no daylight can enter the trap during the day. Leave the end furthest away from the den uncovered from the blanket.

This setup will fool the woodchuck into thinking the cage is a part of the den. Because of this the woodchuck will walk freely into the trap.


This setup has never failed. Woodchucks tend to be most active during the early morning and late evening hours so check your trap after these times. You will likely have your woodchuck trapped within the first twenty-four hours.

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