How To Trap Fox With A Pocket Set

fox walking in the winter woods

Fear crept in the pit of my stomach as I watched my father slip out of view. He disappeared below the apex of the hill staring in front of me.

The day started out with a thrill as I was finally allowed to tag along as my dad worked his predator trapline.

I was filled with pride and excitement when I was told I was finally old enough to join in the yearly fur harvest but I soon found out it’s not easy keeping up with a full grown man who cut no slack for a boy not keeping up.

I heard my father call to me and I felt an unexpected surge of energy and pushed ahead until I reached my dad. He was standing over the first fox I had ever seen successfully trapped.

And I was hooked.

I later learned that first fox was trapped with a traditional pocket set and to this day it is still my go to rig when trapping fox.

The Fox Pocket Set

The most effective pocket size for fox is no more than two inches in diameter and at least eight inches deep. Your trap should be set right up against your pocket and dirt from your hole should be sifted over it.

This set will look natural and won’t spook any fox away. Add in some fox lure and it will be irresistible.

For bait I use a two inch ball of fox paste and set it all the way in the bottom of the pocket. Add a second hole within your pocket, running perpendicular to the pocket, and place a large cotton swab dipped in lure in this second hole.

Then spray some urine around the edges of the pocket and fresh scat if available can be placed as well.

If you get heavy rainfall you should periodically add more urine around the hole as it will be washed away.


Trapping fox with a pocket set is very effective when you keep the hole looking natural and well baited. Check your traps at least every other day and add urine only after heavy rains. This rig consistently produces a lot of fur so stick to it and increase your fox harvest.

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