How To Trap Mink With A Pipe Set

This pipe set is incredibly effective with trapping mink. It is easy to build and best of all, doesn’t cost much. After years of using less effective means it was a breakthrough when a buddy told me how to build his pipe set. And after reading this article you will know how to do your own pipe set for mink.

How To Make A Pipe Set For Mink

Gather up 18 inches of 10 inch diameter PVC plastic piping and put a 90 degree elbow on one end.

This size will fit the classic A 110 bodygrip trap without being too small for the mink. Cut out a 3/4 inch wide slot out of the middle side of the pipe. This will hold the spring of your bodygrip.

The length of the slot must be long enough to handle the length of your spring. If you are planning to use a double spring trap then make an identical slot on the opposite end of the pipe.

Next cut out a 10″ x 4″ rectangle hole out of the top of the pipe. This should be approximately one inch ahead of the slot you already cut out. Take this newly cut section and place it back in the hole and use duct tape on the bottom end to create a hinge. This door will allow you access to bait and set your trap.

How To Set Your Mink Pipe Trap

While you can use this pipe set anywhere you normally would target mink, I have had the most success along the edges of water with shallow drop offs. Another solid placement is at the undercut of the bank of a stream.

Set the elbow end of your pipe trap into the ground. If you are working in snow then drive into the snow. The goal is to get the straight section of the trap about three inches from the ground.

Next secure the pipe by placing rocks, dirt, or snow around the base.

Once secure, open your door and put in your bait of choice down the elbow. Leave a little bit of bait on the ledge in front of the elbow as well.

Now just put in your set trap with a small piece of wood underneath to keep it level and stable. You may want to put some meat on the outside of the pipe entrance or even some duck feathers as extra motivation to enter the trap.


And that is all there is to making a super effective mink pipe set. This system is easy to build and doesn’t take much money out of your pocket leaving you with more to spend on traps. You will also find it’s light to carry and durable enough to last multiple seasons.

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