How To Trap Raccoon With A Pocket Set

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Each trapping season comes with two certainties. Excited thoughts about how successful the year’s harvest will be and lot’s of good natured ribbing from my pals for focusing on trapping raccoon.

You see most of my trapping buddies like to focus on other furbearers. And I do too, but I love trapping raccoon. Maybe it comes from growing up running coon hounds. But all I know for sure is I love trapping raccoon and I particularly like using pocket sets to do it.

Trap More Raccoon With Pocket Sets

The pocket set is well used by most trappers, and rightly so, but many raccoon fur harvesters overlook this classic set. And the pocket set is deadly effective when trapping raccoon. Learn the simple steps to setting pocket sets for raccoon and you will harvest more furs this season.

How To Use A Pocket Set For ‘Coon

Areas with high raccoon populations near water are the ideal spots to use the traditional pocket set. Look for raccoon tracks and signs near a creek or river.

Dig a horizontal hole into the bank at 45 degrees where raccoon travel through. Your hole needs to be at least one foot above the creek water line. This will prevent your hole from flooding should heavy rains roll through.

You will need a larger hole than for other species. Dig it so the diameter is at least eight inches, but a foot is best.

Dig your hole until a couple inches of water seeps in the bottom. It should be about eighteen inches deep when all is said and done.

Use foothold traps and place them in the water under your pocket. The traps need to be about three or four inches below the surface of the water.

If you trap in a location where you can expect water levels rising and falling drastically then using a 220 conibear in your pocket with a stake at the entrance.

Both of these sets need some lure thrown in the pocket.

The most effective locations will be where tracks are located through a narrow beach heading to a steep bank.


Always anchor your traps or you will lose a lot of fur. And head out pre-season for scouting, and dig your holes so come opening day all you have to do is set your traps. Follow these simple steps and you will harvest more raccoon than any other season, just be sure to not brag too much to your friends to keep away the competition.

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