How To Use A Colony Trap For Muskrat: Funnel Traps

The great thing about colony, aka funnel, traps is that they work everywhere. Shallow water, deep water, houses, bank runs, and even road grades.

These muskrat traps are always set and they can take a massive harvest in for you.

Using A Colony Trap For Muskrats

When we think about the natural tendencies of the muskrat we soon realize why the colony trap is such an effective tool.

Muskrats live in large groups and they are burrowing animals. Even muskrats who have a house will run along nearby banks. And in time you will be able to identify where the runs are just by scouting your area.

How to box trap muskrats

Muskrat trap setup and adjustment

Placement For A Muskrat Funnel Trap

Once you find the run for your muskrats set your trap under the water right up near the entrance. Get it as close as you can.

If working a smaller house where the water is extra shallow, feel the edge with your boots until you locate the entrance and again place your trap right up to that entrance.

If you are trapping near a large house in deep water it is more difficult to find the entrance. In this situation you will want to step a few paces back from the house and walk around until you find the soft mud of the entrance. Again, this is where you will place your colony trap.

Checking Your Traps

If you have placed your trap near the entrance you will harvest a ton of muskrats.

You will have to check your traps each day and usually by the second day it will be time to move to a new location.

Each new location will require you to check your traps daily.


Many trappers using this technique can harvest up to two hundred rats in no time. Using a colony trap is incredibly efficient and about the most humane style I’ve used. Once you get the hang of locating entrances I doubt you will go back to another style of trap for muskrats.

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