Joseph Rodgers & Sons: Star Cross Knife Making History

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The first globally successful knife maker, Joseph Rodgers & Sons was founded in the 19th century. Arguably the most well known cutlery for generations, Rodgers was best known for their Star Cross trademark.

This six pointed star trademark was granted to Joseph Rodgers & Sons, along with the lesser known Maltese cross, in 1882. The Star Cross name is synonymous with quality and is still highly collected today.

With a near world wide reputation for quality knives, Rodgers & Sons was a true trailblazer in the knife making world. And their impact is still felt today.

In 1820 John Rodgers was awarded a Royal Warrant, which granted the family the right to use the royal cypher in it’s knife mark. With this honor the cutlers fame and influence grew. For the duration of their activity the company held the highest esteem within the British Empire.

The company merged with Wostenholm in 1971 and was dubbed Rodgers-Wostenholm. The company was later aquired by Richards Bros. (no relation) who were known for mass produced cheap pocket knives.

Richards Bros. later sold the Richards-Wostenholm name to Imperial Schrade in 1977. This company went on to produce the Schrade I*XL pocketknife which were produced specifically for the American market.

The Rodgers and Wostenholm names were later sold to the Eggington Group. They were a small knife making outfit producing middling knives for the UK.

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