Mink Trapping Tips: Harvest More Mink Guaranteed

No matter if you are a part-time, after work trapper, or running a longline full-time you can improve your harvest numbers this season by following these veteran approved mink trapping tips. Like anything worth doing in life, it’s all about the details. So read on and take notes and I guarantee you will have a better season than you’ve ever had before.

6 Essential Mink Trapping Tips

  1. Scout your trapping area! Construct and improve your set locations before the season begins. Do not wait until opening day to do this and you will increase your mink numbers.
  2. When legal, always set gang sets. This dramatically increases your odds of success, so always construct gang sets.
  3. Always be patient with your set locations. Once you’ve done your scouting and constructed your sets do not lose interest in them as the season drags on. If a set is producing in December, improve it and keep with it through January.
  4. Always reconstruct a set after it has produced a mink. Do not leave a set unfinished if it is producing results. These locations are crucial to your success so as soon as you take a mink set it again.
  5. Always create sets on pathways from one body of water to another even if you see limited signs of mink.
  6. Make every set count! Even locations that show few mink signs require the same attention to detail as the locations you are more optimistic about. Some of my best producing sets each season are in locations with few mink signs. So make those sets right and put in the effort they deserve.


Producing mink consistently isn’t about luck (well not entirely). Put in the preseason work and be efficient and thorough with your sets and you will absolutely increase your mink take this season.

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