Mountain Goat Hunting Tips

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The mountain goat is one of the most dangerous animals to hunt but also one of the most rewarding. Hunters have to be aware that it does not take much for a mountain goat to put a hunter in the hospital. It is not as simple as shooting and hunting like deer or other animals. To successfully hunt mountain goats you need a few pieces of information first so that you can know how to hunt them correctly and safely.

Hunting Mountain Goats

Many hunters have died trying to shoot a wild mountain goat and many more have been maimed or seriously injured while hunting them.

Where they live

Mountain goats are found in all of the mountain ranges of North America. They are most prevalent in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. They are also found in Alaska.

What do they look like?

Mountain goats are a very large, heavily muscled species of goat. The wild goat is not related to other types of domestic goats, but instead is closely related to the bezoar. They are white in color and have very short hair. Mountain goats have very hard hooves that allow them to climb some of the most treacherous cliffs that you will find anywhere. The horns of the mountain goat are their most distinguishing feature and can grow up to nine-feet long. The horns also get wider and wider as they move down the length of the horn itself.

What do they eat?

Mountain goats eat primarily grasses, but will also eat a variety of plants that they find across their range. They are also very fond of berries and fruits. While in the wild, they tend to be herbivores that feed on grasses and shrubs, however, during the winter months they will switch to eating shrubs and other plants.

Mountain Goat Hunting Methods

There are several different methods for hunting mountain goats but the main idea is to get as close as you can and then use a rifle to shoot them from hiding. You can also use a bow and arrow, but that takes practice and skill, so if you have never hunted with a bow before this may not be the best choice for you.

Gun Hunting

This is one of the more common ways of hunting mountain goats, but it is also very dangerous. The basic idea is to simply sit and wait for a mountain goat to come into close enough range for you to shoot it. You will most likely have to travel in search of the goats because they will generally not come close enough for you to shoot them from the safety of your vehicle. Depending on how rugged your terrain is, you may need to travel miles from your vehicle. You will also need a high-quality rifle or shotgun that you can use at long ranges without any difficulty. You will have to make sure that your shot is well placed, because a miss can put you in danger as well. The most difficult part of the hunt is waiting for the mountain goat to come into range. Some hunters find themselves doing this day after day and all they can do is sit and wait.

Mountain Goat Hunting with a Bow and Arrow

The use of a bow and arrow to hunt mountain goats takes a little bit more skill than simply aiming and shooting with a gun would. The most difficult part about hunting them with a bow is getting close enough to make the shot. Once you have positioned yourself for an effective shot, you will have to draw back your bow and release your arrow. The great thing about hunting them this way is that they can be killed from many areas. You can sit in one spot and just shoot them as they come into range. Another great advantage of using this method is that you don’t need extreme levels of skill or strength to put the mountain goat down with an arrow.

Mountain Goat Hunting Tips List

Before you go out to try and hunt mountain goats, there are some things you need to know so that you don’t end up in a situation where you become a statistic.

1) You need to be in great shape – if you aren’t physically fit, then don’t even think about trying this because your chances of getting away with your life safely are very slim. These animals are extremely dangerous and they will charge at the slightest provocation. The only people who will be able to do this successfully are those that have undergone rigorous physical training as well as the mental training needed to hunt them successfully.

2) You need to be extremely observant – these animals are very smart and they can make themselves invisible if they want to. As you sit in your vehicle, you will need to take notice of anything that may move or sit still for too long. When you get out of your vehicle to hunt for them, you need to be able to see more than most people because they have exceptional camouflaging skills. You need to learn how to pick up on the slightest clue and determine if it is actually a mountain goat or not.

3) You need a good weapon – while you can use a bow and arrow, this will take some skill in order for it to be effective. If you use a gun, you need to know what kind of gun is best suited for shooting mountain goats. For example, if you are hunting them in an area that has snow, then you should have a rifle that can still be used accurately even in low light conditions and when the temperature is extremely cold. Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not the goat will charge at you. This is something you don’t want to experience, but if it does happen, then you will need a gun that can handle the recoil and still provide you with a good shot.

4) You need to have a good mountaineering guide – If you don’t have access to a knowledgeable mountain guide, then you won’t even have the opportunity to hunt for mountain goats. In many areas where the animals are located, it will be hard to get allow these hunters access because they require permits in order for them to hunt them. You need one that will know the areas and routes in order to get you into position that will provide you with an opportunity at shooting from close range when the animals are in range. This is what most people want to do as they go out to hunt mountain goats.

What caliber rifle for mountain goats?

A .270 or .30 caliber rifle is the most common caliber to shoot mountain goats with. There is no definite size-caliber relationship when it comes to using a rifle cartridge on a mountain goat, so you will need to determine how far and fast you can shoot your rifle. The more powerful the caliber of the rifle, the more accurate you can be at long distance shots. Be careful not to use too much force when you fire your rifle because it could punch a hole through your shoulder or liver.

Does mountain goat meat taste good?

Mountain goat meat is usually considered one of the best tasting meats in the world. It has a long history of being hunted by Native Americans and early European settlers. Many people claim that it has a strong flavor all its own. If you are looking to eat fairly lean meat, this is one of the better choices for your diet.

How to cook mountain goat meat:

If you are going to eat mountain goat meat, you will need to cook it well enough so that it does not get sickeningly gamey. When you harvest the goat, wait a day or two before cutting up the meat for consumption. This allows the gamey flavor from the animal’s own enzymes to settle and mix together in order to create a fairly decent taste when you cook it. Once this happens, cut the leg quarters into 2 inch cubes and hang them up for roughly a week in your refrigerator.


Mountain goat hunting can be very dangerous. Even if you have done all the necessary preparation, you still need to know what the correct course of action is for when you are in a situation that is not safe. You need someone that knows how to handle these situations properly and so you should talk to a good guide or someone who has had this sort of experience before.

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