Remington U.M.C: Knifemaking History

Beginning it’s iconic history as an ammunitions producer, Remington Union Metallic Cartridge Company began producing pocketknives in 1920 along with it’s WWI ammo production.

Remington utilized state of the art manufacturing facilities in all of it’s knife production lines. Due to Remington’s high quality product and production methods they were able to produce upwards of 10,000 knives per day in over a thousands different pocketknife designs to meet the incredible demand they received.

Remington has produced numerous highly valued knives and along with home cutlery, advertising items and promotional issues that are equally sought after by modern collectors.

The most valuable Remington knives collected today are the Remington Bullets. These beautiful knives were introduced in 1922 with two dozen different designs. They are recognizable due to the large badge in the shape of a high caliber rifle cartridge.

Production of pocketknives were halted in 1940 as Remington U.M.C turned their attention to war effort production. Remington sold off their pocketknife business to Pal Blade Company at this time.

Pal Blade Co was based in Plarrsburgh New York and carried on production of pocketknives with the Remington stamp.

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