Robeson Cutlery Company: History

After spending a few years selling wholesale knives out of his Elmira, New York home, Millard Robeson ventured into producing his own designs in 1894.

His cutlery business quickly took off and he proceeded to open manufacturing facilities in New York, Perry, and Rochester.

His Shuredge pocketknives were well regarded and still hold a place in pocketknife collections today. Shuredge kitchen and fixed blade hunting knives were also produced and were well received by the public.

In 1940, W.R. Case’s nephew Emerson Case became president of Robeson and helped the company take off with the introduction of stainless steel blades. Case transitioned all blades to stainless on their pocket knives.

Robeson continued to manufacture their own knives until 1960 at which time they only produced contract knives. Robeson ceased all operation in 1977.

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