Schrade 156OT: Little Finger Classic Knife Review

schrade 156ot with sheath

I walked out of Harvey’s Hardware with a big grin on my face. Winter’s cold bite and my lighter pockets couldn’t break my spirits. I was taking my brand new Schrade Shark Tooth folding hunter home.

I didn’t have a lot of money to throw around in 1980 but I had my eye on this knife for months. Opening the box didn’t disappoint, brass bolsters were gorgeous and the black handle complimented it perfectly. The blade was sharp as the air and the leather sheath it came with looked ready for hitting the trapline.

Schrade Little Finger 156OT Folding Hunter Reviewed

The Schrade Little Finger folding hunter is an excellent knife from the iconic American maker. It quickly became a favorite of working guides and avid hunters as well as Schrade collectors. The knife is still highly regarded today both as a working knife and a collectable.

As a field knife, mine saw a lot of use as a skinner. I found it to perform extremely well skinning fur from the trapline as well as a few deer over the years.

The design is truly well thought out. The handle shape is perfect for the working folding hunter and the thickness is perfect.

The drop point blade is my favorite shape for a hunter and the blade size is the ideal middle ground for a folder.

Straight out of the box it was ready to be used. The factory edge was keen and it holds an edge for a surprisingly long time.


That old Little Finger of mine makes an honorary appearance in the field to this day but I do have a soft spot for it. It shows it’s age well and the original blade still holds an edge. Many Schrade collectors look for the 156OT and it commands a good price to this day. And as a working knife, it still offers exceptional performance.

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