Schrade 51OT Big Timer Folding Hunter: Classic Knife Review

schrade 51ot folding knife

In just a few minutes I’d be out of light and I hadn’t eaten all day. But with a flash of feathers my luck had changed. I had less than a second. I shouldered my single shot 12 gauge and felt the recoil. It was a clean shot.

I crested the small hill and retrieved my dinner. I was on day three of a solo backcountry hunting and backpacking trip in Northern Minnesota and I was more than ready to eat.

I made camp and set to preparing my feast. The tip of my skinner snapped on the first day in the woods and I was down to my Schrade 51OT for the rest of the trip.

Schrade 51OT Old Timer Folding Hunter Review

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Schrade blades and the 51OT has been in my posession since the late 70’s. To cut to the chase, I love this knife.

Made during the Imperial Schrade years, the Big Timer offers a clean design perfect for a working knife. It is 4.75″ when closed and has a single spear blade.

Mine comes with a saw cut delrin handle holds a keen edge. Sharpening is easy and a simple steel will do for years to come.

The Schrade 51OT Folding Hunter was produced from 1978 to 1981. There have been special editions produced in years hence but this knife saw a short initial run time. It came with a leather sheath and mine has held up all these years.

The long curve of the blade suits it well for skinning but the blade is a bit deeper than I prefer for general field dressing.

I have fully field dressed deer with this folder though, so it truly is a solid working field knife. I’ve noticed a few quirks that deserve mention. The pommel shape makes up cutting a bit of a problem but it does get the job done.

The deep blade pocket does accumulate gunk and requires more cleaning than most of my hunters. It could have used a larger pivot pin too but now I’m just nit picking.


The Schrade 51OT Big Timer is a prized knife today both as a working field knife and by collectors. It was well designed and if you come across one it is well worth picking up. That day back in Minnesota, it more than handled my dinner and a few more on that trip. That alone made me a true fan of this knife.

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