Schrade Cutlery Company: Iconic American Knife Maker

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George Schrade founded Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden, New York. Schrade has a long history of innovation and has produced hundreds of high quality knife designs as well as creating production processes that kept them on the leading edge of knife making in America for decades.

In 1892, Schrade produced the first mass produced switchblade called the Press Button Knife. This knife is one of the most valuable vintage American knives you can find and it is a true testament to the ingenuity of the Schrade craftsmen.

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Schrade’s advancements went beyond the knife, their automatic assembly machines that allowed them to mass produce high quality knives like the industry had never seen before. These advancements would be adopted by knife makers in both America and throughout Europe.

Some more of Schrade’s most iconic knives include the Safety Push Button knife which boasted a handle blade release and other models with a sliding safety latch. The Uncle Henry and the Old Timer knives are some of the most elegant and hardy knives they produced.

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George Schrade opened numerous knife companies including Geo. Schrade Knife Co in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1929 where he produced a number of designs including the Wire Jack Knife.

George passed away in 1940 and the company carried on under the leadership of his son and grandchildren. In 1956 the company was sold to Boker USA.

Schrade knives was a true pioneer in the pocketknife world and their impact is still felt today.

Though Schrade knives went out of business, their knives are some of the most collected by pocketknife collectors and many of the models are highly valuable.

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