Schrade Trailblazer Old Timer 13OT: Classic Knife Review

schrade 13ot in box

I looked over my shoulder and couldn’t believe it. My buddy was still pulling ahead of me. At this rate his skinning would be done before I was half way through. I wouldn’t admit it to him but there was no doubt about it, his Schrade 13OT was the better knife.

Back in the 80’s my best friend and I competed on everything that had to do with hunting, fishing and trapping. And when he started bragging about his new skinning knife I didn’t think much of it. But after watching him make quick work of his fur skinning there was no doubt that his new Schrade was a hell of a knife.

Schrade 13OT Old Timer Trailblazer Rigid Blade Review

The Schrade 13OT Trailblazer is a great field knife that is both highly collected and a functional working knife. This fixed blade knife measures 8.5″ long and comes stamped with Schrade over USA 13OT on the tang.

Equipped with a saw cut delrin handle and brass bolster this is a beautiful knife. The skinner blade comes factory sharp. The blade does not hold it’s edge the best but it makes up for it by being easy to sharpen.

As a skinning knife it works quick and efficient. The knife makes down cuts with the best of them but the handle shape makes some up cuts a bit awkward.

It is a stout knife and feels fairly heavy in the hand. I prefer this when skinning as it gives me a better feel when making tough pelvis cuts.

It doesn’t have much drop in the point so this may be a factor for some, but that isn’t so much a criticism as it is a preference.


This skinning knife commands a high price on the secondary market. It is still highly collected as are many classic Schrades. This fixed blade is one of my personal favorites from the company and it will still make a great field knife so if one comes available at a decent price it’s well worth picking up. I will never forget the day my buddy won bragging rights with his. And I didn’t admit it to him for a while, but I went out and bought myself a 13OT Trailblazer the very next day.

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