Small Game Hunting Bag Buying Guide

I’m an avid small game hunter and I’ve bought more small game gear bags than I care to admit. The right hunting bag can be the difference between a good day and a great one, so I’ve made this small game hunting bag list to show you what to look for.

What To Look For In A Small Game Hunting Bag

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Size: Small game (rabbit, squirrel, birds etc.) usually doesn’t weigh more than 10 lbs., so your bag should be able to handle this without being too heavy for you and your gear. Personally, I like a smaller bag (about 23″x14″) because it is easier on my shoulders.

Type: The material used to make the bag must be durable enough to handle a lot of abuse and still feel comfortable when holding 10 lbs. worth of gear. Nylon works well for this, but canvas will also hold up well.

Cost: If you’re on a tight budget, the cheaper bags will work just fine. You can pay over $100 for a bag (Cabela’s offers some good ones) but the extra money won’t help you bring home bigger game. Choose a bag that will fit your needs and is within your budget. But if you do opt for a cheaper bag it likely won’t be as durable as high quality constructed bags. So spend as much as you can afford to strike a balance between cost and durability.

Features: My small game hunting bag list includes 3 main features–pocket space, durability and comfort.

Pockets: This is where my small game hunting bag list is different from other small game bags. I want a bag with enough pockets to organize my gear so I can get to it quickly. I’ve seen bags that have 4 small pockets (like a computer zipper) or one big pocket, but the problem is one big pocket ends up being a PITA. So multiple pockets is the way to go. Enough pockets should be included so you can keep your gear organized for each type of small game you’re hunting.

Durability: Durability is also on my small game hunting bag list. The bag should be able to hold up under harsh conditions. This will help you get home with more game and less wear and tear on the bag. I’d recommend canvas or nylon to keep it tough and durable enough for any season, weather or condition it may encounter during your time in the field.

Comfort: A good small game hunting bag should be comfortable enough to wear all day. It should feel light and not weigh down your shoulders. Between the weight of the gear you carry and the weight of your body, a comfortable, light small game hunting bag can make a huge difference.


So there you have it–what to look for in a small game hunting bag! There are many other features that are important (like waterproofing) but these are the most important to me. Most quality small game bags today are waterproof so you shouldn’t have an issue finding one that fits the bill.

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