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My first elk hunt was a guided hunt in Wyoming. I was lucky enough to kill a beautiful bull elk with a shot from my rifle at about 100 yards. Hunting in Wyoming is often described as “a hunt of a lifetime” because the sheer number of elk is just staggering! The best scopes for hunting elk are typically variable-powered riflescopes, or telescopic sights, that range from 3x up to 12x magnification and give you the ability to shoot at long distances without having to carry extra weight.

What To Look For In A Elk Hunting Scope

Choosing the right hunting rifle scope can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to hunting and have limited experience. You may not know exactly what to look for, so we’ve compiled this list of questions for you to ask yourself and consider when deciding on your first elk scope: Elk Hunting Scope Features

What magnification do I want? The first thing you need to determine is what magnification range you would like to buy. What magnification level will you be happy with and what will it usually be used for? If you are a beginner in elk hunting, I would recommend starting with 3x optics. This is a relatively low magnification scope that allows for long distance shots without needing to use highly powered riflescopes.

Ways To Improve Your Elk Hunting

How important is the objective lens? As elk hunting magnification levels increase, so do the requirements for high-quality glass in your rifle scope. Bigger is better for this when it comes to the objective lens, which is the lens that sits at the front of your scope and gathers light.

What color is right for my hunting situation? There are three main lens colors: green, clear and yellow. The green hue is best for bright, sunny days and clear lenses are best for twilight and overcast days. Yellow, or gold, lenses are designed to be used in low-light situations such as fog, rain or snow.

What is my shooting distance? Once you have determined what magnification level is best for you, you’ll want to determine what your typical shooting distance will be. If you are a beginner hunter and expecting an average shot of about 200 yards, then a 3-9x40mm scope will probably work well for your needs.

What type of glass do you want in your rifle scope? Another thing to consider when looking at rifle scopes is other optical magnifications that may be available. These are called special glass lenses, such as target or game specific scopes. Target optics are designed with long-range shooting in mind and include target turrets, which make it much easier to adjust the elevation and windage on your rifle scope while at the shooting range.

Top Rated Rifle Scopes For Elk Hunting

Burris Scope Review

Burris is a well-known company that is known for making high quality rifle scopes. Their line of Pronghorn and Long Range Targetscopes are made with the shooter at the range in mind. If you’re looking for a great optic for long distance shooting, then the Burris will serve you well. You can shoot out to 2,000 yards with the rifle scope, but you may want to consider a 3-9 power level as your magnification will be lower.

The Burris RifleScope is designed for precision shooting, and it has a 60mm main tube with objective lens size of 56mm. The optics have a multicoated eyepiece that provides maximum light transmission through all weather conditions. It also has a bright image and sure-grip rubberized body for its durability. The RifleScope has a BDC reticle that ensures accuracy at a distance of 600 meters.

What Makes The Burris RifleScope So Popular?

Burris is very good at building riflescopes that have a lot of eye relief, which allows the shooter to use the scope from many different shooting positions without being crowded in front of the scope. Another reason why the Burris scope is so popular is that it has a huge field of view. This makes it easier to get your crosshairs on target quickly and accurately.

What We Like About Burris RifleScope

The biggest selling point for these scopes is the price! These scopes are some of the least expensive on the market. They also have a reputation for having a long life. These scopes are also easily mounted on your favorite rifle, so you can put it on your rifle after purchase and get to shooting right away.

What We Don’t Like About Burris RifleScope

There isn’t much to dislike about this scope, as it is relatively inexpensive and offers great accuracy for the price.

Leupold Scope Review

Leupold has been making scopes and binoculars for over 75 years, so you know you are getting quality gear when you choose a Leupold Rifle Scope. The VX-3i Rifle Scope, 3.5-10x40mm, is one of the more popular scopes on the market. It has a multi-coated optics for clear and bright images. The scope offers a true eye relief measurement of 6.5 inches at its maximum magnification.

The VX3i Rifle Scope is a great option for anyone looking to get into long range shooting with their rifle. It measures 44mm at its widest point, which should give you plenty of room for mounting accessories or changing tactical cheek pieces on your rifle. It’s also waterproof and fogproof, which is great for those hunters who love to hunt in wet conditions.

What Makes The Leupold VX3i So Popular?

The Leupold has a 30mm main tube with a 36mm objective lens and an 8-times zoom range. It has eyebox full field magnification, which means that it features 32mm of eye relief at the 12x power setting. This is perfect for those who wear glasses or have a long face. It also has a 14.4-oz weight, so it won’t add too much weight to your rifle.

What We Like About the Leupold VX-3i

The best thing about the Leupold VX-3i is that it’s popular and known for its great quality. This scope is made with a large field of view, which makes it easy to target whatever you’re shooting at.

Aguila Scope Review

The Aguila 3-9×36 Scope is designed for precision shooting and has a 32mm main tube. The power is 12x, which is plenty for everything from hunting to long range shooting. The optics are capped by an objective lens that offers a 30 mil minimum focus distance and a 18 mil maximum focus distance. This makes it great for those who like to hunt, as those targets can get pretty far away without having to zoom in. It also features an internal sunshade and anti-reflective coating.

The other cool thing about this scope is that the power ring has a built-in lock. This means that you can lock it in place if you want to be able to easily and accurately adjust the power. If it isn’t locked in place, then it’s going to stay there until you decide to change the power ring. This is great for maintaining your rifle’s zero.

What We Like About the Aguila 3-9×36 Scope

The Aguila Citori 3-9×36 Scope is one of the more popular scopes on the market, and for good reason. It offers amazing quality for the price. There is a lot of bang for your buck with this scope.

The bottom line is that it’s not going to be a bad idea to buy one of these Aguila 3-9×36 scopes if you need a new scope for elk hunting or rifle shooting and want something that will last you quite a long time and isn’t going to cost too much.


One of the best scopes you can get for the money is going to be one of these options we’ve reviewed. You don’t have to break the bank to get some great quality glass that isn’t going to leave you wanting more.

Please Check back for more information on the best optics for elk hunting in the next few weeks.

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