Trap More Coyote With A Pocket Set

coyote near brush

As I approached my third set of the day my heart was racing after back to back hits. Could I go three for three on coyotes on opening day?

I crested the small hill on the well worn trail and approached my third set but the field looked undisturbed. It was looking like I’d have to settle for two out of three.

But two feet from my set I see the tell tale signs of another coyote and fist bump the air.

I hit the trifecta!

I’ve worked fields for coyote since I was a boy but I had never had such luck.

But the thing is, it’s not exactly luck I had, it was the consistent use of the traditional pocket set that provided my three for three.

Using A Pocket Set For Coyote

I’ve been trapping coyote along roads and trails in the woods of the midwest for years and without a doubt, the pocket set is my weapon of choice.

The trick with using a pocket set is your hole must be inconspicuous. Overly obvious sets will spook away the weary coyote and leave you with a string of empty traps.

The best pocket sets are dug with a re-rod stake and traps set with cover that blends completely into the surroundings. These mouse sized holes won’t look special to you but they are irresistible to the discerning coyote.

Set your trap about ten inches back from your pocket and pick a spot that allows you to blend it in with the surrounding vegetation.

If you are in an open area use leaves or the dirt from your pocket. Bait your hole with some lure at the bottom of the hole. Add a second hole near the top of the pocket running perpendicular to the main hole and place a urine soaked cotton wad in it.

Add some urine around the edges of the pocket and your set is ready to go.


When it comes to trapping coyote where you dig your pocket is the most important factor to success. Place those pockets where the coyote are already going. The new hole and scent will prove too much to ignore and a well anchored trap will keep you in coyote all season long.

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